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Royal Rangers Ministry for Boys

Our Royal Rangers boys’ ministry group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in our Activities Building. Under the strong, caring leadership and examples of godly men, our boys are mentored, earning merit badges and achievement awards as they learn about how to live a life that honors Jesus.

Royal Rangers is an activity-based, small-group church ministry for boys in grades K-5 providing “Christlike character formation and servant leadership development in a highly relational and fun environment.”


Mike Besmer is our Royal Rangers Lieutenant Commander of Outpost 248 here at New Bethel Assembly.

Purpose of the Royal Rangers Ministry:
*  To evangelize boys for Christ
*  To Develop the total boy for Christ (spiritually, physically, mentally and socially)
*  To keep boys in our churches

Royal Rangers ministers to boys through Bible study and memorization, devotionals, outdoor and camping activities, and Christian roles. 

A highlight for the whole church is the annual Pinewood Derby, where boys and adults alike can craft a race car from a block of pinewood and compete in a fun afternoon of racing.

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Boys are strengthened:
*  Mentally by a merit-based advancement program.
*  Physically by participation in age-specific activities and recreation
*  Socially through church and community service activities
Spiritually through Bible study and devotions.

Royal Rangers Are Comprised of the Following Clubs here at New Bethel Asembly:

Ranger Kids – Kindergarten, First and Second grades

Discovery Rangers – Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades

Royal Ranger Code:
*  Alert… He is mentally, physically and spirtually alert.
*  Clean… He is clean in body, mind and spirit
*  Honest… He does not lie, cheat or steal
*  Courageous… He is brave in spite of danger, criticism, or threats
*  Loyal… He is faithful to his church, family, outpost, and friends
*  Courteous… He is polite, kind, and thoughtful
*  Obedient… He obeys his parents, leaders, and those in authority
*  Spiritual… He prays, reads the Bible, and witnesses.

Ready. Ready for anything. Ready to work, play, serve, worship, and obey God’s Word. 

Royal Rangers Pledge:
With God’s help, I will do my best to serve God, my Church and my Fellow man, to live by the Ranger Code, and to make the Golden Rule my daily rule.